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RECacril and Innovative Awning Cover, FLXguard, are a Perfect Match

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When two, longtime innovators connect, beautiful things can happen. That’s exactly the case when RV awning designer and manufacturer, Carefree of Colorado, found Recasens USA. With a history of innovation stretching back to 1971, Carefree is responsible for advances including the first truly automatic roll-up awning for recreational vehicles, one-touch awning operation, motion-based auto-retraction, mobile application operation and many more. With millions of awnings installed worldwide on every type of RV and specialty vehicle imaginable, Carefree has a rich tradition of quality, value, performance, and style that has established the company as a leading supplier of RV awnings offering the most expansive product line of any RV awning manufacturer in the world. Its most recent innovation, FLXguard Fabric Protection, is attractive, affordable, effective and works hand-in-hand with RECacril® fabrics. 

Read on to see how these two innovations work even better together. 


Check out more examples of how RECacril provides quality solutions to fabricators and manufacturers from SewLong Custom Covers and ShadeTree Canopies.


Why Pinholes Matter — A Comparison of RECacril Against Leading Competitors

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Pinholes are very small gaps in the weave of the fabric that should be minimized for best results when working with a fabric. While they occur in most woven fabrics due to a variety of factors that range from thread count, loom type, loom set up and finishing tension, it stands to reason that the fewer pinholes a fabric has, the more desirable it is to work with for fabricators. Our lab in Spain recently did a comparison of RECacril® against several samples from our leading competitors and here are the results.

Immediately you can see that the density of RECacril is superior to that of the competition. Recasens uses a smaller yarn with a higher thread count which results in a denser weave. So even though the weight of the fabrics may be the same, RECacril has a higher density that you can see and feel. The difference is especially apparent when you compare the fabrics under high-intensity light and you can readily see the high number of pinholes in the competition’s fabric as compared to RECacril.

This multitude of small holes not only makes the fabric less effective at blocking UV rays, but it also negatively affects the fabric’s ability to resist water and oil. In essence, the more pinholes a fabric has, the greater its porosity. This is not a desirable trait in awning and marine fabric, especially for applications that need better water protection. When fabric is more porous, it’s prone to ‘misting’ which is when the impact of large water drops on the fabric causes fine droplets to blow through the pinholes.

While we’ve provided you with some cold, hard facts from our lab, we encourage you to try your own test by simply feeling the difference between competing fabric brands and comparing their pinhole density under a bright light yourself. While a less scientific comparison from our lab tests, we’re confident that your own tests will show the same results we’ve seen over and over again—proving that RECacril is the superior choice in fabric construction, providing you and your customers with the best quality solution for awning and marine fabric at an affordable price.

RECacril Outperforms the Competition in Fabric Stiffness Test

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In our continuing efforts to ensure the superior quality of our fabrics, we asked our corporate headquarters to conduct a side-by-side comparison of our RECacril® fabric against one of the popular competitor’s brands. Conducted in a state-of-the-art, quality assurance lab at our manufacturing facility in Barcelona, Spain, we performed a Hardness UR test on standard size samples of both RECacril and a comparable competitor fabric.

A fairly simple test, a metal pendulum is set in motion over the swatch. The number of passes it takes to stop the pendulum equates to the stiffness level of the fabric — the fewer passes, the stiffer the fabric. This test gives us the fabric’s Hardness UR rating.

RECacril outperformed the competitor’s samples time and again with Hardness UR ratings that were both higher and more consistent from lot to lot. Because our competitors manufacture products in so many different facilities, it is difficult to maintain consistent quality from lot to lot. In particular, consistency of hand tends to suffer. During our testing, RECacril not only came out on top with higher stiffness ratings — it was also more consistent in its Hardness UR rating from sample to sample. In fact, when testing samples of the competitor’s 60” marine acrylic fabric against our 60” RECacril marine fabric, our test showed an astounding 38% more variation in Hardness UR in the competition’s samples than our maximum/minimum hardness quality standard limits for 60” RECacril!

What does that mean for fabricators? All that variation from lot to lot can make it difficult to know the quality of fabric they will receive with each shipment, and inconsistent hand can make a fabric difficult to work with, especially on larger projects. RECacril is manufactured, from the spinning of its yarn to its final finishing and quality control, all in one location for consistent quality every time and with every roll. This, combined with intense quality review at every phase of manufacturing, ensures a level of consistency not seen in other fabrics.

Now you have proof in black and white — RECacril is consistently stiffer and maintains that stiffness better than the competition. For more information about how RECacril can help bring quality and consistency to your projects, please contact your Recasens distributor today to learn about our entire line of technical performance fabrics.

Why SewLong Custom Covers Uses RECacril for its Award-Winning Tops

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About 20 years ago, Justin Jones of SewLong Custom Covers saw the new Gemini hinge and it sparked a great idea. From that idea came the first iteration custom boat top for which SewLong is known. SewLong recently launched the third version of its popular folding canopy top, winning the coveted Marine Fabricators Association 2019 Excellence Award for Tops. Read the evolution of SewLong and learn why the company chose RECacril® as its exclusive fabric supplier for these award-winning tops.

Download the Case Study ->

Why RECwater is the Preferred Choice of the Marine Industry

Why RECwater is the Preferred Choice of the Marine Industry

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From the highest grade raw materials to the superior coating process, the attention given to every aspect of RECwater® is what makes it the impeccable product that it is. While many companies tout the superiority of their products, only Recasens can support the excellence of each and every step of our process.

Vertically Integrated Manufacturing and Unerring Quality Control

From spinning the yarn, to weaving, coating and finishing our fabrics, the entire Recasens manufacturing process is a masterpiece of vertically integrated quality control. As a vertically integrated manufacturing operation, we control the quality of the entire manufacturing process allowing us to offer a superior product at a better value than our competitors. We ensure the quality of our products even further by using only the most modern manufacturing equipment operated under strict ISO 9001 certified quality management systems and conducting frequent quality checks to make sure fabrics are woven to the highest quality standards.

Proprietary Processes and Superior-Grade Materials

The base fabric of RECwater is RECacril® which is made using our slightly smaller 20s 2-ply yarn which we pack tightly together for a tighter weave. This tight weave gives the fabric a naturally firmer hand, fewer pin holes, better overall coverage, and better natural dimensional stability. We then Blade Over Roller Coat RECwater with molten liquid vinyl and cure and heat set it in a finishing range. This process virtually eliminates the cracking and peeling one sees in our competitors’ fabrics where the vinyl is only bonded to the fabric surface.

A Sensitivity and Responsiveness to Market Needs and Demands

Recasens has not only spent over 100 years perfecting its products and manufacturing processes, it’s spent that time learning about the industries it serves and responding to and anticipating their needs. We offer RECwater in a standard roll size of 65.64 yards which is larger than many of our competitors. This larger roll means less end cuts and fabric waste. We’ve expanded our color and pattern selection, grown our distribution network and we continually keep our finger on the pulse of industry trends to ensure that we’re in touch with what our customers will be looking for next.

From Dream to Reality — Hear the Story of SewLong Custom Covers

By Products, Webinar

About 20 years ago, Justin Jones of SewLong Custom Covers saw the new Gemini hinge and it sparked a great idea. From that idea came the first iteration of custom boat tops for which SewLong is known. SewLong recently launched the third version of its popular folding canopy top, winning the coveted Marine Fabricator Association 2019 Excellence Award for Tops.

Justin recently shared his story with us and we captured the event to share with you. View it here to learn how that first idea became a product, and how it has evolved over time to become one of the top products in the industry. Learn why SewLong prefers RECacril® by Recasens USA as its fabric of choice, and why its tops are so popular with marine enthusiasts.

Blog: RECacril 60” Stack Book Packs a Mighty Punch in a Small Package

RECacril 60” Collection Stack Book Packs a Mighty Punch in a Small Package

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The RECacril® 60” Collection Stack Book is one of our most popular sales tools, especially with reps who spend a lot of time on site with clients. Just ask Chris Nash of Vaughan’s Fabric & Supply:

“The Stack Book is a great alternative to the bulk of a standard sample book. It’s small enough to slip in your pocket and take on location to easily compare colors for customer projects,” says Nash. “The swatches are big enough to give a customer a proper idea of the fabric that will be used in their project, and I find that the way this book fans out like a deck of cards is perfect for viewing options side-by-side without having to flip back and forth between swatches. The Stack Book is the perfect fabric color reference for busy sales reps and design consultants.”

Measuring just 2.5” x 5”, the RECacril 60” Collection Stack Book is constructed as a pivoting fan so that each swatch can be viewed individually or side-by-side for color comparisons against each other and/or a customer’s decor. Each swatch is also large enough to allow for easy feel and viewing of its density and tightness of weave. The book features a convenient index of all colors for easy reference.

The Recasens Stack Book includes samples of our full range of 60” RECacril fabrics. To add it to your collection of RECacril sales tools, please contact your Recasens distributor or Doug Dubay.

Blog McGee Blinds & Awnings Embraces Change with New Fabric Line

McGee Blinds & Awnings Embraces Change with New Fabric Line

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McGee Blinds & Awnings has been manufacturing custom awnings, outdoor structures and window coverings for the Pacific Northwest area since 1971. Serving both commercial and residential customers from their Portland, OR location, there’s not a structure, product or fabric that it hasn’t worked with in its nearly 50 years of business.

Family owned and operated, McGee has a long-standing reputation for providing exceptional service and quality products, many of which are provided by trusted distributor and next door neighbor, Vaughan’s Fabric & Supply.

“We’ve worked with Vaughan’s for years, not simply because they’re next door, but because they’re an exceptional business partner,” says Coleen Hardenbrook, President of McGee. “So when they suggested we give RECacril® a try, we knew it had to be a quality product.”

Vaughan became a Recasens distributor in 2016 and General Manager, Chris Nash, immediately brought some samples next door to share with Coleen.

“The first thing I noticed about RECacril was its stiffness,” Coleen comments about the fabric. “It has a great feel to it and hangs and sews much nicer than other fabrics. It doesn’t pucker.”

Coleen also likes the wider width of RECacril.

“RECacril comes in a 47 inch width rather than the 46 inch width of its competitors. That extra inch makes it the perfect size for a standard window awning,” adds Coleen. “ RECacril allows us to use a single panel of fabric which saves our customers money and results in a nicer looking and more durable end product.”

Even though McGee has only been carrying RECacril for about two years, the fabric is now used in approximately 90 percent of its projects.

“We love RECacril, so if given the option, we’ll use it over any other fabric,” states Coleen. “It’s simply the best solution for the job!”

A Partnership in Quality – ShadeTree Canopies and Recasens

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For over twenty years, ShadeTree Canopies has been creating quality, custom-designed canopies, pergolas, awnings and other outdoor structures for discerning residential and commercial customers throughout North America. Known for its hands-on, consultative approach, ShadeTree is a company committed to quality through and through. See why this unerring commitment to creating only the best brought ShadeTree to Recasens.


Download the Study >

Fashion Feature: Stripes

Fashion Feature: Stripes

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From warm brick reds and golds to cool blues and bold black and white, stripes are still dominating the awning fashion scene in colors spanning the rainbow. Some of our most popular stripes are still walking on the decidedly bold side pulling together warm combinations of brick and gold seen in our Bara, Yecla and Trujillo fabrics. Tapping into the bold sophistication of their NYC namesakes, our Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens fabrics manage to be both bold and understated at the same time in a way that only true New Yorkers can understand. Check out our full line of RECacril® stripes today online or request a sample book.