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Why Pinholes Matter — A Comparison of RECacril Against Leading Competitors

By 6 September, 2019Products

Pinholes are very small gaps in the weave of the fabric that should be minimized for best results when working with a fabric. While they occur in most woven fabrics due to a variety of factors that range from thread count, loom type, loom set up and finishing tension, it stands to reason that the fewer pinholes a fabric has, the more desirable it is to work with for fabricators. Our lab in Spain recently did a comparison of RECacril® against several samples from our leading competitors and here are the results.

Immediately you can see that the density of RECacril is superior to that of the competition. Recasens uses a smaller yarn with a higher thread count which results in a denser weave. So even though the weight of the fabrics may be the same, RECacril has a higher density that you can see and feel. The difference is especially apparent when you compare the fabrics under high-intensity light and you can readily see the high number of pinholes in the competition’s fabric as compared to RECacril.

This multitude of small holes not only makes the fabric less effective at blocking UV rays, but it also negatively affects the fabric’s ability to resist water and oil. In essence, the more pinholes a fabric has, the greater its porosity. This is not a desirable trait in awning and marine fabric, especially for applications that need better water protection. When fabric is more porous, it’s prone to ‘misting’ which is when the impact of large water drops on the fabric causes fine droplets to blow through the pinholes.

While we’ve provided you with some cold, hard facts from our lab, we encourage you to try your own test by simply feeling the difference between competing fabric brands and comparing their pinhole density under a bright light yourself. While a less scientific comparison from our lab tests, we’re confident that your own tests will show the same results we’ve seen over and over again—proving that RECacril is the superior choice in fabric construction, providing you and your customers with the best quality solution for awning and marine fabric at an affordable price.