How Recasens USA is Supporting Your Business Through the COVID-19 Crisis

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We know that these are uncertain and trying times for all. You may have seen a notification from our parent company this week that the Spanish government is requiring our factory to close, temporarily, in order to protect our workforce. We want to reassure you that this closure will not affect our inventory in the United States.

Rest assured that Recasens USA is doing everything possible to continue to supply our customers and distributors with the same quality product to which you have become accustomed. In addition, we are offering supplemental services to our distributors to assist in continuing service to their customers, even with the current restrictions. It is our goal to assist our fabricators, OEM clients and distribution partners to operate as normally as is possible during this time.

Despite the recent announcement by the Spanish government to close facilities like our factory in Barcelona, our US operations are prepared for this crisis and we are actively taking steps here to help support our customers’ businesses, including:

  • An ample inventory for the 2020 season that is already available here, in the US. This includes many of the popular colors and styles needed for the 2020 spring season.
  • Two additional containers of fabric which will arrive from Spain in April to supplement our existing supplies. These shipments will provide the full line of RECACRIL® and RECWATER® canvases you need for the 2020 season.

For our distribution partners, if your physical operations have had to temporarily close, we are taking steps here in the US to help support your business and allow you to maintain operations:

  • Our full US team is available to you via phone and email, to answer questions or provide support for the customer orders you receive.
  • We will now offer drop-ship options for both full rolls and cut yardage to help you fulfill customer orders. All of our US warehouses have been deemed essential businesses and will be allowed to remain open.

We hope that these measures will allow you to continue to operate and serve your customers with minimal disruption. If you have any questions or are interested in taking advantage of our new drop shipping service, please contact us or your local Recasens distributor.

International Casual Furnishings Association

Recasens USA Joins International Casual Furnishings Association

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As Recasens USA continues to expand its reach in the North American performance fabric marketplace, the company has joined the International Casual Furnishings Association (ICFA). 

“As we’ve seen an increasing demand for our fabrics in this market segment, it made sense to join an organization whose sole mission is to advance the industry,” says Doug Dubay, National Sales Manager for Recasens. “We are looking forward to being active members and becoming deeply involved in this growing market.”

Committed to heightening interest in and desire for quality outdoor furnishings in the consumer marketplace, ICFA is a global leader in promoting business development and partnerships in the outdoor and casual furnishings industry. For more information, please visit

Recasens USA Official Statement on COVID-19

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In light of the continued growing impact of COVID-19 on our daily lives, we wanted to address any concerns and questions you may specifically have about Recasens USA.

While it is true that Spain has issued a Royal Decree proclaiming a State of Alarm, manufacturing operations are continuing at our plants in accordance with the safety guidelines outlined in the decree. Because of our longstanding commitment to the health and wellbeing of our employees, we are proud to say that our plants will continue to weave and finish fabric at full capacity!

The following measures have been taken in Spain to further ensure the health and safety of our workers:

  • All visits to our facilities have been postponed.
  • No training or informative conference will be held while this Royal Decree is in force.
  • Our Area Sales Managers will be available to customers both by phone and email, either for daily issues or to reschedule visits.
  • Company workers have been instructed on hygiene and precautionary measures to minimize the risk of contact as much as possible.
  • Remote work is being encouraged for workers who have the ability to do so.

Here in the US, we are prepared to provide continuity of service to our customers.

  • A container with additional inventory was delivered to our NC warehouse just last week.
  • Another container load of fabric is being assembled now in Spain and should be loaded and sent to the port two weeks from now.
  • Recasens USA operates on software that can be used from home, and our associates have the option to work from home if they choose to do so.
  • Our main phone line can be forwarded to wherever we are.
  • Our warehouses are operational and have no intentions of closing.

To date, our industry has enjoyed a strong start to the 2020 season. We do not know what the next few weeks will bring to our country and our industry, but Recasens is financially and logistically positioned to weather this storm, and we will carry on offering outstanding service and fabrics during and after this crisis passes. 

We sincerely thank you for your continued support during this challenging time and are here to provide you with the same.

Wishing you and yours health and prosperity,

Doug Dubay, National Sales Manager
Recasens USA

Recasens USA Starts 2020 with Multiple Major Industry Events

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To kick off the new year and new decade, Recasens USA hit the road exhibiting at multiple major trade events across the country, showcasing its latest fabrics and connecting with its ever growing network of distributors, fabricators and OEM partners.

“We’ve seen outstanding growth in the US over the past several years,” states National Sales Manager, Doug Dubay. “Thanks to our growing network of partners, this is just the beginning. Recasens is becoming a major force in the marine and awning industry. I can’t wait to see where the future takes us.”

First up was the Marine Fabricators Conference in Daytona Beach, FL. This three-day event was full of top-notch educational and networking opportunities targeted to marine industry professionals and, per usual, the event did not disappoint. One of our favorite sessions of the event was from Clint Halladay of Sewlong Custom Covers, where he discussed the importance of establishing standards for the fabrication and installation of custom covers and dodgers.

Next, we traveled north to Rhode Island for the North East Canvas Products Association Annual Expo. 2020 marks the Association’s 100th year of operation, which it celebrated in grand style with the event theme of “Then and Now.” Highlights included a museum of memorabilia and artifacts on loan from members as well as a grand gala celebration in addition to the traditional and ever popular educational and hands-on learning experiences.

February has us returning to the Chesapeake Marine Canvas Fabricators Association Convention. Happening February 21-23 in historic Philadelphia, we’re especially excited to be returning to this event just in time to experience the Shop Tour hosted by our talented partners and fabricators, Globe Canvas Products and Humphry’s Cover Sports.

In March, we’ll be headed to sunny California for the Western Canvas Products Association 2020 Expo. Fabricators, don’t miss out on the FREE Fabricator Market Day! We look forward to seeing you there!


Recasens USA Adds L.I.F.E. Inc. as New Regional Distributor

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L.I.F.E. to carry full line of Recasens fabrics and distribute throughout the Northeast and Midwest regions

Recasens USA is pleased to announce a new distribution relationship with Laurel Industrial Fabric Enterprises Inc. (L.I.F.E.). This new partnership will provide greater access to the full line of Recasens fabrics for awning and marine fabricators located throughout the Midwest and Northeast regions of the United States.

A young and enthusiastic company committed to the awning industry, L.I.F.E. has worked from the beginning to understand the daily hurdles of the industry and work with its customers to solve some of the industry’s biggest challenges. L.I.F.E. was created in 2001 when the Schmieler family made an investment in a local awning company, Awnings By Shuster and eventually renamed it Laurel Industrial Fabric Enterprises Inc. (L.I.F.E.). Over the years, the company sought out new opportunities to expand and add innovations to meet the needs of its customers.

“Our new partnership with Recasens will provide our customers with access to the Recasens high quality fabric product line,” says L.I.F.E. Owner, Greg Schmieler. “We are so pleased to be able to provide these outstanding products, at competitive prices, backed by our superior service and technical support.”

L.I.F.E. will carry the full range of Recasens fabrics including RECacril, RECwater, RECsystem and RECscreen. For more information, visit the company’s website at

RecWater, New Colors and New Applications

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Recasens is proud to introduce four new colors to our popular RecWater fabric line: Blue, Burgundy, Forest Green, and Linen. These fashionable new colors are in stock and available for immediate delivery.

Made of solution-dyed acrylic fibers with PVC coating on the underside, RecWater is completely waterproof. The color matched PVC coating is formulated to achieve perfect adhesion with acrylic fabric so that it does not crack or peel and has excellent dimensional stability.

Treated to achieve good water and oil repellency, the coated side is engraved with a design that gives the PVC a fabric-like appearance. Being a heavier and waterproof fabric makes RecWater suitable for boats in more extreme weather conditions, but also makes it an excellent choice for awnings and canopies designed t in rainy climates. 

Contact Doug Dubay for more information on how to get your new RecWater sample card or to place your RecWater order today. 


5 Tips to Help You Sell More By Using Photography

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Nothing helps sell your next project like showcasing your amazing finished projects on your website or social media channel. Unfortunately, sometimes the photo quality doesn’t do justice to your work and can lead to more questions from your customer rather than excitement about what you can produce for them. Luckily, creating an outstanding project portfolio isn’t as difficult as one might think. Here are a few simple steps to consider the next time you’re out shooting one of your finished projects. Be sure to follow them, send us your pictures and story, and maybe your project could become one of our next customer stories featured on our site.

Use the Right Equipment. We strongly recommend using a good DSLR camera and tripod if at all possible to take your photos. The camera quality will be directly reflected in the picture quality, especially in the ability to correctly represent color. The tripod will help to minimize camera shake, which will provide a more clear and sharp image. While it may be tempting to take pictures with your phone, a good camera will give you more flexibility to capture a cleaner, crisper image and a tripod will ensure a stable shot. If you must use a phone, make sure you’re using only the most recent phones with the best cameras, and invest in a tripod to stabilize the phone.

Resolution. Always take your photos in the highest resolution possible. While this will equate to a larger file size and mean you’ll need more storage, it will also ensure that your picture quality will be top notch no matter the size or if you’re using your photo in a print ad or on the web. Today’s website visitor and online shopper want to see big, bold, beautiful images. Give them what they’re looking for with a high resolution image.

Lighting Is Everything. Chances are you’ll be shooting your project outside, so definitely consider the time of day for your shoot. High noon might have the most light, but that light can be very sharp and unflattering at some angles. Late afternoon and early evening are always great times for good lighting, but if your project has particular features such as dramatic night lighting or beautiful sun filtering, you may want to consider shooting at different times to make the most of those features.

Work the Angles. Just like you have a best side, so does your project. In fact, it probably has several, so be sure to capture as many angles and perspectives as you can. It’s always better to have too many shots than to wish you had taken more. Don’t be afraid to experiment with creative points of view to showcase different features, as this can be a great way to showcase hardware, designs and other unique features that you may not see otherwise. If you have a ladder on site, try setting it up to capture the project from a bird’s eye view.

Don’t Shoot Until the Set Is Ready. One of the most common problems with project photography in our industry is “tunnel vision” that focuses on the project item only, rather than the whole environment surrounding the project. That lack of full perspective means that your project item might look great, but the overall photo looks unprofessional, unattractive and unappealing to your prospective customer who views the whole area, not just your work. Remember that your project is part of the overall presentation of the building, boat or structure, and take the photo with that in mind. For example, if you’re installing an awning, step back and look at the placement of the awning on the full building. Make sure that the ladders, work vehicles and waste bins are removed from the shot. Look at the building as an approaching customer would, and make sure that the business looks appealing, including your work on the awning.

We hope you try some of these tips and send us your photos of RECacril® and RECwater® projects, we’d love to see the results!

ShadeTree Modular Design Shade Systems Rely on the Quality of RECacril

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For over 20 years, ShadeTree Canopies has been delivering creative, custom-designed shade solutions to its commercial and residential clients. Known for its hands-on, consultative approach, ShadeTree’s unwavering commitment to quality demands the use of high-quality products such as RECacril® in the fabrication of its shade solutions.

Watch our latest webinar to see how ShadeTree uses RECacril to its best advantage in one of its most innovative solutions yet – the modular design shade system.

New RECacril Floor Display Now Available

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Now you can give your customers a new way of experiencing the RECacril® difference first hand with our new RECacril Floor Display. This freestanding, fabric display has a space-saving design that allows you to showcase the entire RECacril collection of solid and stripe fabrics with swatches large enough to show the repeat.

Note how the larger samples on this display will allow your customers to get a real feel for the density and quality of the fabric which will surely translate to more sales.The new Floor Display is available for immediate shipping and can be seen at our booth at IFAI October 1-4.  Contact Doug Dubay for more information or to place your order today.

RECacril and Innovative Awning Cover, FLXguard, are a Perfect Match

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When two, longtime innovators connect, beautiful things can happen. That’s exactly the case when RV awning designer and manufacturer, Carefree of Colorado, found Recasens USA. With a history of innovation stretching back to 1971, Carefree is responsible for advances including the first truly automatic roll-up awning for recreational vehicles, one-touch awning operation, motion-based auto-retraction, mobile application operation and many more. With millions of awnings installed worldwide on every type of RV and specialty vehicle imaginable, Carefree has a rich tradition of quality, value, performance, and style that has established the company as a leading supplier of RV awnings offering the most expansive product line of any RV awning manufacturer in the world. Its most recent innovation, FLXguard Fabric Protection, is attractive, affordable, effective and works hand-in-hand with RECacril® fabrics. 

Read on to see how these two innovations work even better together. 


Check out more examples of how RECacril provides quality solutions to fabricators and manufacturers from SewLong Custom Covers and ShadeTree Canopies.