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Recacril® Decorline

By 11 January, 2017

Recacril® Decorline

Beautiful fade-resistant fabrics made from solution-dyed acrylic fibers, perfect for interior furnishings and decor including curtains, chairs, couches and cushions.

Product Features
Recacril® Decorline line

sun-iconUV Protection
Fade Resistant

Mold and Mildew Resistant

Wide Variety of Colors

Recacril® Decorline fabrics are made of the same solution-dyed acrylic fibers used for making our Recacril® canvas, and have the same resistance to sunlight and weather.

Recacril® Decorline fabrics collection have exceptional resistance to fading by sun and salt water, being suitable for making cushions, interior and exterior upholstery used on boats. The color palette from this range of fabrics, blends perfectly with the Recacril® Marine canvas, renowned in the industry and widely used in Biminis, covers, etc.

Most traditional textiles used for exterior decoration show wear after short periods of outdoor exposure. Color fading, strength loss caused by rot, fiber degradation or sunlight are the most common symptoms appearing on these fabrics.

Recacril® Decorline fabrics collection solves these problems as they are manufactured with the same solution-dyed acrylic fiber used for many years in Recacril® canvases.

All these advantages, with the colorful range and easy cleaning, make the Recacril® Decorline fabrics collection, suitable for upholstery of exterior furniture such as chairs, lounges, cushions, sunshades, etc.



Recacril® Decorline Warranty

RECASENS offers a 5 year warranty for the Recacril® Decorline fabrics.

For 5 years after installation, RECASENS warranty covers their fabrics against decomposition, significant loss of strength, and fading only, for regularly maintained fabrics under normal use and environmental conditions.

Within this period of five years, RECASENS will either, at its discretion, replace free of charge or reimburse the invoice value of the section of fabric recognized as faulty, excluding any costs or any other compensation for any reason whatsoever.

The warranty covers only the value of the fabric and excludes all other costs, including manufacture and installation. The warranty does not protect against any damage due to abuse, neglect, vandalism, burns of any kind, fires and natural disasters.

Consequently, the warranty excludes the following damages:

  • Faulty maintenance or the use of unsuitable products or instruments: no detergent, chemical product or solvent can be used, nor any scraper or other instrument that may damage the surface.
  • Defects due to the aging and normal wear of the fabric.
  • Atmospheric or phytosanitary pollution.
  • Soiling caused by animals.
  • The repair of damage or defects in the fabric resulting from accidents, negligence, or acts of nature.
  • Faulty assembly or handling by the user, the projection of various products, hanging objects on the fabric, falling objects, bumps, road accidents, vandalism, burns from cigarettes or other sources, and fire.
  • Lightning or unusual climatic or environmental conditions.

The warranty excludes the cost of any mechanical device (hardware, mechanisms, structures, etc.) as well as any cost of manufacturing, assembly and installation.

RECASENS canvases are a component of the final product. If you detect any defective fabric, please contact the installer or distributor from whom you purchased the product.

Maintenance of Recacril® Decorline Fabrics

The accumulation of dirt and unwanted substances in the fabric may end up damaging the finish of Recacril® Decorline and cause accelerated deterioration.

We recommend periodically washing the fabric according to the instructions below, to ensure the conservation and quality of your Recacril® Decorline fabric, and extending the life of it.

To clean the fabric, use a mild soap diluted in warm water (40°C max). Apply the cleaning solution with a sponge or soft brush, rinse thoroughly and let it dry. Never use hard detergents, or products containing ammonia or solvents.

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