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Recasens USA Announces Availability of Recsystem FR: the Only Water Resistant, Fire-Retardant, 100% Solution-Dyed Acrylic Fabric

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Innovative new fabric meets regulatory and safety needs of US Commercial Building Market

Recasens USA is pleased to announce the release of the much anticipated Recsystem FR, the ultimate in fire retardant awning fabric and the only highly water resistant, fire-retardant 100% solution-dyed acrylic fabric. This solution-dyed acrylic material combines the beauty and craftsmanship of Recasens fabrics with inherent fire retardancy and water resistant protection to meet the high standards of today’s commercial and other specialized applications.

“We have heard from our clients serving the commercial building market that there was a need for a beautiful performance fabric that met the regulatory standards for fire retardancy set by many local and national building safety agencies,” says Recasens USA National Sales Manager, Doug Dubay. “Today, I’m proud to say that we’ve delivered on their request, with a fabric that meets those standards, is easy to work with, and is aesthetically pleasing.”

A 100% solution-dyed acrylic fabric incorporating both high water resistancy and fire-retardant features, Recsystem FR is perfectly suited to meet the needs of awning manufacturers, distributors, architects and others working on projects that are required to meet US fire safety standards such as hotels, schools, hospitals, and other public buildings. The fabric passes US standards NFPA 701, CSFM Title 19.

While specifically optimized for solar protection applications, Recsystem FR is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Manufactured using the patented Recasens Infinity Process, the fabric possesses a high-tech finish that provides exceptional repellency to water and dirt along with a high resistance to mold and mildew as well as a one ounce clear back coating on the underside of the fabric that provides an added level of water resistance making the fabric nearly waterproof without affecting its appearance.

Recsystem FR is scheduled to ship in early 2022. Sample cards are now available to distributors and OEMs. Contact your Recasens sales representative for more information.

Infrastructure Reinvestment To Better Serve Your Needs

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Our priority has always been to work in partnership with our Distributor, OEM and fabricator clients, facing the challenges of each season together. And while this is proving to be a challenge for all of us given the constraints of the markets, we continue to strive to maintain our usual high level of service and product quality.

During the last year, the industry as a whole has experienced an unprecedented demand for fabric as consumers invest more in their homes and outdoor spaces which have become increasingly valued in the context of the pandemic. At the same time, there has been unprecedented disruption in the global supply chain felt both here and abroad. This situation has caused unusual delays in service for many in our industry.

Despite the challenges faced, Recasens USA has, and will continue to, strive to deliver the world class level of service and product quality that our customers expect. We want to share with you how we are facing the situation: investing more in resources to offer the best possible quality and service.

The Recasens Corporate 2020-2022 Strategic Business Plan is aimed at strengthening the production plants and logistics warehouse in Spain, and the first phases have already been carried out. Thanks to this, we hope to be able to continue to meet the increase in demand here in North America, despite the challenges faced by our industry at large. Some of these investments include:

Increasing production capacity of yarn by over 20,000 square meters.

New spinning plant and spinning production line in Berguedá, Barcelona, incorporated in November 2020. Improvements made to this new facility further increased its production capacity by 50%.

Expansion of the weaving plant.

The addition of a new, 15,000 square meter, global logistics warehouse.

These improvements have allowed our company to consolidate production capacity and increase autonomy throughout the fabric production phases (spinning, weaving and finishing). With these changes, we will be able to respond most effectively to the high demand that our industry is experiencing, prioritizing, as always, customers who have trusted our brand and fabrics for years.

We want to take this opportunity to thank our longstanding clients for their loyalty and trust, as we reiterate our commitment to you and your business. Our goal is to offer you the best possible quality and service at a competitive price, even in a context as complex as the current one. 

For more information on our improvements, or to place an order, please contact your local Recasens USA Distributor or Sales Representative.

Spinning Plant

Recasens Group Increases Production Capacity with New Spinning Plant

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New Facility Ensures Continued Excellent Service, More Fabric for the 2021 Season

Recasens Group is pleased to announce the recent acquisition of another spinning plant in Northern Spain, further adding to its already substantial production capabilities and ensuring a consistent supply of inventory for the 2021 season.

“We’ve been pleased to see continued growth in sales over the past several years in both Europe and North America,” says Doug Dubay, National Sales Manager for Recasens USA. “The addition of this new plant will allow us to meet the increased demand for our product while maintaining our high quality standards.”

The newly acquired facility will produce a broader range of solution-dyed acrylic yarns, the main component of Recasens fabrics, and will ensure that the company maintains quality throughout the production chain.

Recasens Welcomes Innovative Industrial Solutions, Inc. as its Newest US Distributor

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Recasens USA is pleased to announce the recent addition of Innovative Industrial Solutions, Inc. (IIS) as its newest US-based master distributor. This new partnership will provide greater access to the Recasens line of superior quality, European-designed fabrics for fabricators and designers in the awning, marine and decor industries.

Innovative Industrial Solutions, Inc. (IIS) is one of the largest distributors of awning, marine, signage, architectural/structural, and outdoor industrial supplies in the Southeastern US. RECacril® will serve as the premier fabric line for IIS and is available for immediate order. For more information, contact IIS at

Full details of this new alliance are available here.