Special Offers for New Customers!

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Have you been considering switching to RECacril, but are afraid to invest? New customers to RECacril are invited to try one of our discontinued colors or patterns at a significant discount. Now is the time to see what you’ve been missing and enjoy a substantial discount on approximately 40 discontinued colors and patterns available for immediate delivery.

More patterns are available, but quantities are limited. Contact Doug for a link to see swatches of the available discontinued styles, or your local Recasens distributor for more information today to take advantage of this limited time offer.

Why RECwater is the Top Choice of Marine Fabricators

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Recasens fabrics have been a favorite of awning and marine fabricators around the world for over a century and it’s no secret why. Family owned and operated, our commitment to innovation and quality has never waivered, which is why we continue to lead the industry in creating superior performance fabrics. Our RECwater line is a perfect example of how our expert craftsmanship and quality outpace the competition time and again.

Heavier, More Stable Fabric

We start by using a slightly smaller 20s 2-ply yarn and packing those yarns into a very tight weave to produce a commercial weight 9 oz. per square yard RECacril as the base fabric of RECwater. This gives the fabric a firmer hand, fewer pin holes, better overall coverage, and better natural dimensional stability. Our competitors use an 8 oz. per square yard fabric that is typical of what’s used for casual furniture construction, which is less durable and stable.

A More Durable Vinyl Coating

RECwater Is Blade Over Roller Coated. In this process, molten liquid vinyl is poured over the RECacril fabric and then drawn off to an even coating using a blade. The vinyl is then cured and heat set in a finishing range. This process allows the vinyl to soak into the fabric producing an exceptionally strong bond and adding dimensional stability, allowing it to hold its shape better as a finished product. Most of our competitors use a process called Calender Coating where a vinyl film is bonded to the fabric using heat and pressure applied with a roller. Since the coating sits on top of the fabric, the vinyl can crack or peel away over time, especially when flexed or bent.

Vertically Integrated Quality Control

At Recasens, we make the yarn, weave and coat the fabric all in house, so we have complete control over the quality of our fabric from beginning to end. Plus, by being vertically integrated, we can offer RECwater at a better value than our competitors who must source materials and complete these stages of manufacturing at different locations, losing control over the process and adding cost at each step.

Because Recasens is a family operation committed to quality and innovation, we are able to deliver the superior product on which you’ve come to rely at an exceptional value. No other product can compare to RECwater when it comes to its combination of beauty, durability and manageability. Contact us, or your RECwater distributor, today to learn more.

How Using Our RECacril Sample Books Will Help You Sell More Awnings

How Using Our RECacril Sample Books Will Help You Sell More Awnings

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Our new RECacril Sample Books and 60” Sample Cards are designed to help your customers better visualize their projects so you can sell more product with increased effectiveness and efficiency. Our new sample books are significantly larger than our past books and contain swatches that are much larger than those provided by many of our competitors, but that’s not all. We put a lot of thought into the design of our new sample book to create a true sales tool from cover to cover, including:

  • A premium quality experience that begins with the very cover of the book crafted in the image of RECacril fabric.This gives your customers a close-up look at the fine texture of RECacril from the very moment you hand them the sample book.
  • Creating a sales tool that keeps pace with today’s design trends.Stripe repeaters are bigger in today’s patterns so a larger sample book is a needed to accommodate the full pattern. These larger samples make it easier for fabricators and customers to visualize the pattern and repeat making them more comfortable with making a final decision.
  • An easier sales and design experience.Our new sample books are organized by color families to save you and your customers time when making decisions on color and fabric choices. All fabrics are also shown in a picture of the pattern in an awning format to making visualizing the final product easier for the customer.

RECacril offers the largest stripe sample in the US market, all of which are available to preview in this sample book. Additionally, every single fabric you see in the book is stocked in the U.S. and ready for immediate shipment. For more information on RECacril or to get your Sample Book, contact us or your Recasens distributor today.

The RECacril 60” Collection for Marine and Awning

The RECacril 60” Collection for Marine and Awning

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RECacril is not only the preferred fabric of marine and awning fabricators worldwide because of its unmatched combination of beauty, durability and stability, but also because of its ease of use. Our RECacril Collection is offered in a 60” width which is significantly larger than the standard 47” width.This means less cutting, stitching and time spent during the fabrication process and results in a stronger, more beautiful structure for your customer.

And unlike our competitors’ fabrics, RECacril is more stable and doesn’t continue to stretch once it is fastened to the fixed frame of the final structure. That means RECacril maintains its shape and integrity through all conditions for a beautiful, durable structure you can rely on for many years to come.

As durable as it is beautiful, RECacril is ideal for bimini tops and enclosures, dodgers and flybridges as well as both commercial and residential fixed and retractable awnings. Recasens now offers sample cards for our 60” fabrics to help with evaluating the best choices for your project. These extra large sample cards are ideal for showing the full beauty of our fabrics and providing your customers with the best vision of their finished project.

Contact us, or your Recasens distributor, today for more information about our 60” fabrics and how they can help make your next project the best and most beautiful it can be.

From Subtle to Striking, Recasens 2018 Top Selling Fabrics Are All Simply Beautiful

From Subtle to Striking, Recasens 2018 Top Selling Fabrics Are All Simply Beautiful

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Based on early season indicators, the most popular patterns and colors for 2018 are predominantly modern and subtle stripes along with warm and textured solids. Here are some of the more popular fabrics being ordered this season:


If early indicators mean anything, 2018 is the year of subtle sophistication and details, details,details! Orders this year have trended heavily toward subtle, tonal stripes, many of which you’ll find are composed of sophisticated textural weaves. Here are some of our top selling stripes for early 2018:

  • R-346 Tambre and R-351 Arga. These new stripes are both modern and subtle. Tambre is a beautiful, cool beige shot through with subtle ice blue and white pencil stripes, while Arga is a warm tan accented with white and golden tones. Both fabrics are highly versatile, suitable for nearly any color scheme and environment. The use of Birds Eye and Box weaves using similar colored yarns achieves the look of texture, especially when viewed from the underside, making these fabrics very popular with awning fabricators this year.
  • R-352 Segre.  This large scale, graduated stripe fabric is truly an artistic masterpiece! Composed of a broad range of graduated neutral colors, each shade features a unique textured pattern for visual interest on both large and small scales. This bold fabric is perfect for large scale, retractable awnings and patio canopies.
  • R-362 Menor. This fabric is a twist on the classic large scale block stripe. We combine red and burgundy yarns to produce a color that is not too bold nor too dark. We then pair it with a combination of gray and white yarns in a Birds Eye weave to produce a light Gray field that lets in plenty of indirect light, while hiding any dust or pollution that may accumulate on the fabric over time. This fabric is truly the perfect blend of fashion and function that will stand the test of time.
  • R-411 Montornes.This green and beige stripe is the best selling new pattern in our collection. You may have seen similar patterns from other manufacturers, but nothing compares to the detail and quality you’ll find in our Montornes fabric. Just a glance at the intricate color combinations and texturing of each stripe and you’ll see that Montornes is a cut above the competition. This attention to detail literally shines through when viewed from the underside of the awning, offering a stunning view from both above and below.


This year, our most popular solids are anything but basic. Our most popular styles all have the appearance of texture, yet are still a simple or tight weave that is dimensionally stable, water resistant, and perfectly suited for retractable or fixed frame awning applications. For the first quarter of 2018 we’ve seen the highest demand for these three stunning solids:

  • R-133 Cinnamon. This warm, textured neutral, brings brown, white and tan yarns together for a beautiful golden solid that delivers a subtle warm glow as it filters the sun’s rays.
  • R-244 Dunn. This dark stunner will instantly add an air of modern sophistication to any environment in which it’s used. Featuring a deep black base woven with golden highlights, Dunn is truly captivating and sure to become one of our regular best sellers.
  • R-793 Linen Slub Tweed. Rounding out our top sellers, Linen Slub Tweed would be equally at home as a high fashion suit as it is on a high-end awning. This rich textured, neutral tone fabric is ideal for nearly any environment and adds subtle sophistication wherever it goes.

To order these or any of our other beautiful and durable fabrics, contact us, or your Recasens distributor today.

blog/How Light Affects the Appearance and Function of Outdoor Fabric

How Light Affects the Appearance and Function of Outdoor Fabric

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Considerable discussion is given in the textile industry to the effects of UV light on the physical properties of fabric. While this is very important to consumers as they consider the long-term value of their purchase, of equal importance, is the appearance of the fabric in its intended environment. The amount, quality and angle of light and reflections all play an important role in fabric appearance, as does the function of the final product. Each of these factors can drastically change the presentation of the fabric and ultimately determine whether the buyer is happy with their purchase.

The volume of light in the area where the fabric will be viewed has a great effect on the visual perception of it. Lower light environments will make fabrics appear darker and any patterns less discernible. The brighter the lighting, the more obvious a pattern will be and colors will appear lighter and brighter as well. If your location is prone to predominantly bright lighting conditions you might also want to think twice about considering a light or white fabric as these colors do little to filter strong rays. A darker color will offer greater protection from eye strain caused by solar glare. Additionally, it’s important to note that with awnings, the fabric will be viewed from underneath and backlit much of the time, providing a completely different perspective that should definitely be considered prior to purchase.

The quality of the light refers to  its color undertones. These are typically referred to as either warm or cool. Warm lighting has yellow undertones and, as the name suggests, imparts warmer tones to everything it washes over. Cool light is the opposite and washes the environment with blue tones. While the quality of light can change depending on the time of day, weather conditions and more, certain geographies tend to lean toward being predominantly more warm or cool. You can balance or, conversely leverage, the light quality of your awning location by choosing colors that complement or match the quality of the light in that area. The psychological effects of colors are very powerful with warm colors creating the perception of warmth and cooler colors making occupants feel cooler. You can use these psychological tendencies to your advantage to create the atmosphere you desire.

The direction from where the light is coming is the angle. Since in most cases RECacril® is used outside, in most use cases the light will emanate from above. An important factor to consider prior to purchase is the consumer’s view of the final fabricated product. For awnings, one of the most important considerations is the underside of the fabric since most people will be viewing it from that angle. At Recasens, this is something that we’ve put great thought into, ensuring that patterns, as well as the weave of our solids, are beautiful to view from both sides.

While the evidence of UV damage should take many years to appear in high quality synthetics, it’s certainly something to consider in the purchase process. UV radiation will ultimately cause colors to fade over time as well as weaken the structure of certain of materials. It’s important to consult with the fabric supplier to understand how resilient a fabric choice is to UV rays and other forms of environmental damage that might occur. Our fabric is made out of solution dyed acrylic fibers. This is the most UV resistant synthetic fiber on the market. Polyester fibers are also synthetic, but less UV resistant. Nylon is a synthetic fiber, but has low UV resistance. RECacril® is made from solution-dyed acrylic fibers which is the most UV-resistant synthetic fiber available on the market today.

There are more options than ever for outdoor fabric patterns and colors. Careful consideration of the intended environments in which they will be used is essential to ensuring that consumers will be happy with their choices for years to come. Ideally, viewing a swatch of the fabric in that environment during various times of day from all possible angles is the best way to ensure total satisfaction. Recasens offers hundreds of quality fabric options. View them here or contact us to order your 2018 RECacril® Collection Sample Book.


Stripes are All the Rage for Awnings in 2018

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With Spring just around the corner, awning orders are coming in and fabricators across the country are looking for the latest patterns to offer their customers. We’ve been showcasing our 2018 RECacril Collection at numerous industry shows over the past several months and awning fabricators have been going crazy over our new stripe designs.

The most popular designs with awning manufacturers this year are our Cabriel R349 and Arga R351. Both neutral shades, Cabriel is a bold design of charcoal grey, beige and black stripes, while Arga is subtle golden caramel with fine, barely discernible stripes. Both fabrics are made using our proprietary Infinity Process, offering the exceptional repellency to water and dirt and the superior dimensional stability for which RECacril is known.

These, as well as all our new patterns and colors, are available for immediate order. Contact us today to place your order or to get your RECacril 2018 Sample Book.

The 2018 RECacril Collection Features Solids Made for Today’s Discerning Consumers and Designers

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We’re so excited about our 2018 RECacril Collection, even our solids are a little extra special this year!

Take a close look at some of our newer colors like Dun R244 and Denim R232 and you’ll see there’s more to these solids than meets the eye. These textured solids are shot through with subtle highlights and shades woven in for greater depth of color and visual interest, in addition to the exceptional durability for which RECacril is known worldwide.

Very popular with consumers this year are neutral colors, and our 2018 collection does not disappoint! Textured neutral solids like Linen Tweed R775 are ultra-versatile, don’t show dirt and are ideal for nearly any home exterior or marine application.

These new colors are available for immediate order. Contact us today to place your order or to receive your RECacril 2018 Sample Book.

Shade Tree

Top Fabricators and Manufacturers Use Recasens to Build their Market-Leading Products

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For over 100 years, Recasens has forged a proud history of innovation in the creation of high performance technical fabrics for sun protection, textile architecture, and the transportation and marine industries. Today, manufacturers, fabricators and distributors in the marine and awning industries trust Recasens to provide a wide range of premium, quality solutions for their customers, feeling secure in the knowledge that Recasens stands behind the durability and long-lasting aesthetics of their products.

Globe Canvas Products

A wholesale manufacturer of commercial and residential awnings for over 40 years, Globe Canvas prides itself in creating ‘awnings that last longer!’ So it’s no wonder, when they chose the new RECacril collection as their own ‘House Brand.’ To support their marketing efforts, Recasens created custom fabric sample books to help the sales staff market their new house brand through its dealer network.

ShadeTree Canopies

ShadeTree Canopies has been manufacturing quality retractable canopies for residential and commercial applications for over 20 years. RECacril is a preferred fabric used in the manufacture of their canopies and retractable pergolas, and is widely featured in their print advertising campaigns in consumer magazines for its durability and aesthetic appeal.

Whether it’s building a top-quality product or providing superior marketing support, Recasens has proven time and again that it’s a trusted partner in the marine and outdoor fabric industry. These manufacturers and fabricators are just a few of the many that have come to rely on Recasens for quality construction and innovative design. Contact us today to find out how we can support your business.

February Marks a Month Filled with Events Promoting the New RECacril Collection

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February has been a busy month for the Recasens team as we’ve traveled to numerous industry events to launch our new 2018 RECacril collection. It’s been a busy time reconnecting with numerous OEM, distributor and fabricator partners as well as making new connections with many companies who are excited to learn more about the advantages of Recasens products. Here’s a quick recap of some of the recent events and activities that kicked off our year.

The NECPA convention was held this year in Worcester, MA.

Fabricators attending were the first in the USA to see the beautiful new Recacril Awning Collection consisting of 74 solids and 60 stripe patterns.

Contained within the collection are many new solid colors in neutral shades of gray and beige that give the impression of texture through blending of fibers and yarns, and large scale simple stripes that coordinate perfect with home exteriors and the surrounding environment.

Contact Recasens today for your free new 2018 Recacril sample book.

Midwest Fabric Products Association 2018 Convention
February 7-9, 2018

We started the month with an exhibit at the Midwest Fabric Products Association 2018 Convention in Chicago, IL. We were able to attend some great seminars and interactive discussions in between the many meetings with the Midwest’s leading awning and marine fabricators and distributors.

Western Canvas Products Association Expo
February 15-17, 2018

From Chicago, we headed out to sunny California to the 2018 WCPA Expo, where we again showcased our new 2018 RECacril collection along with our complete line of other Recasens fabrics. This was another whirlwind event, filled with meetings and great discussions with some of the West Coast’s leaders in the awning and marine industries.

February 27 – March 3, 2018

We are ending our month by travelling all the way to Stuttgart, Germany to participate in the world’s leading trade fair for roller shutters, doors, gates and sun protection systems – R+T. This is always an amazing event filled with the latest innovations in the industry! We anticipate a great time meeting with manufacturers, distributors and fabricators from around the world and look forward to cultivating the many new relationships made at this event. If you’re going to be there, please stop by our booth at Hall 1 E12. We look forward to connecting with you!