Fashion Feature: Stripes

Fashion Feature: Stripes

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From warm brick reds and golds to cool blues and bold black and white, stripes are still dominating the awning fashion scene in colors spanning the rainbow. Some of our most popular stripes are still walking on the decidedly bold side pulling together warm combinations of brick and gold seen in our Bara, Yecla and Trujillo fabrics. Tapping into the bold sophistication of their NYC namesakes, our Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens fabrics manage to be both bold and understated at the same time in a way that only true New Yorkers can understand. Check out our full line of RECacril stripes today online or request a sample book.

Birds of a Feather - Recasens and Frankford Umbrellas

Birds of a Feather – Recasens and Frankford Umbrellas

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Partnerships work best when the parties involved share the same values, goals and work ethics, so it’s no wonder that the working relationship between Recasens USA and Frankford Umbrellas was a success right from the start. With both companies being family-owned and operated, as well as boasting long histories marked with innovation, quality products and stellar service, the fit came naturally. Learn how this high-end umbrella fabricator took a chance on a relative newcomer to the US fabric market and found a supplier who brought a whole lot more to the table than just fabric.

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Thank You for Joining Us at the 2018 Industrial Fabrics Association International Expo

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We had a great time at the 2018 IFAI Expo in Dallas, TX. It was great to connect with so many old and new friends in the industry as well as get an opportunity to attend PAMA Pub Night during the conference. Thanks to everyone who stopped by the booth to chat with us, we look forward to seeing you again soon!

Talking Fabric Tech with Your Customers

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Sometimes when you’re really knowledgeable about a topic, you may forget that others are not. When you’re talking to consumers about the value of the many different features of RECacril fabric, it’s important to translate common industry expressions not only into terms that they understand, but into concepts that they value if you want to make the sale. This is especially vital when you’re pitching against the competition which inevitably you will.

So when you’re in your next sales meeting, remember these consumer-friendly talking points for translating fabric features into value propositions that will surely close the sale:

Fade-Resistant, Solution-Dyed Acrylic Yarn – RECacril will stay brighter longer than the competition’s fabric so it won’t need to be replaced as soon.

Tighter Weave – With fewer holes and gaps, RECacril is more effective at providing protection from the sun, rain and other elements making it the better product for the job.

Greater Dimensional Stability – This means that RECacril fits better across the frame of the finished product with less sagging and bunching than the competition. Not only does this look better, it’s makes for a longer lasting structure.

Broad Range of Popular Colors and Textures – More colors and textures means more choices to fit the customer’s personal style and decor.

10-Year Warranty – A warranty that meets and oftentimes exceeds that of the competition means Recasens is a company that stands behind the quality of its products.

Greater Value – Often more affordable than its major competitors, RECacril is a great, all-around value.

In short, while RECacril is without a doubt a superior product, crafted with care, your customer is going to be more concerned with the benefits it delivers than the detailed specifications of the product. So listen carefully to your customer’s needs and keep your pitch focused on the features that deliver the benefits that meet them. Do that and we’re confident you’ll be increasing your close rate in no time.

How to Win the Sales War

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Being a salesperson is tough. The constant battle of having to prove why you’re better than the competition can be enough to wear down even the most optimistic and confident of sales professionals. But if you arm yourself wisely, you most surely can win the war and make that sale time and time again.

Establish Your Expertise

When you can show your customer that you’re knowledgeable about your product and the industry, you gain their trust. Now you’ve moved from being a salesperson to a consultant and trusted advisor. For example, you can take your prospects through the different kinds of fabric that are on the market, the processes by which they are constructed and the pros and cons of each. Not only are you educating them about the industry and their options, you’re also giving yourself a clear opportunity to present the superior construction of RECacril.
By taking this more educational approach to your sales meetings you’ll find that your prospects feel more at ease and place greater value on what you have to say and, in turn, transfer that value to your products and services.

Showcase Product Quality

Of course, having a quality product that deserves this trust makes for the ideal sales situation, so be sure to provide the hard facts about what makes your product a cut above the rest. In some cases, this may not always be about what’s stronger or more durable, but simply about what’s different.
With RECacril, you’re fortunate to be able to present a well-engineered product that also comes in a broad range of colors and patterns. Having a RECacril sample book or card on hand is an excellent way to showcase both the tighter weave that provides superior protection from the elements as well as the wide range of design options. While it’s great to talk about the quality of your product, sometimes seeing truly is believing.

Give Them Value

Competing solely on price almost never works, but delivering on value certainly does. When it comes down to the final pitch, it’s up to you to show your prospect that your company delivers the finest product and service for the best price—that’s value, and it’s the best value that will likely win the deal, not necessarily the best price. By and far, RECacril is not only one of the most affordable options available in the U.S. market, but also delivers tremendous value when you consider the beauty, construction and longevity of the product.

It may seem exceedingly simple, but if you just give your customers what they want, chances are, you’ll get the sale almost every time. In fact, listen carefully and your prospect will likely tell you exactly what they want. But even if they don’t, crafting the winning pitch is easy when you’re selling a quality product that delivers unmatched value like RECacril.

Recasens Offers Unparalleled Support for Your Marketing Efforts

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Recasens knows that in today’s competitive environment, to make the sale you really need to stand out in the crowd. Quality materials, craftsmanship, customer service, price — these are all stellar reasons to choose one company over another, but if your prospects don’t know how great you are, they’ll never buy from you! This is where a strong marketing program can make or break you.

Recasens is not only committed to providing you great product, we’re here to make sure your customers know you have it! We have a whole library of ready-made marketing tools at your disposal to help you differentiate yourself from the run-of-the-mill competition. And if that’s not enough, we’ll help you create house brands, custom marketing materials and programs to help you and your distributors succeed. We are confident that no other fabric company will provide the kind of marketing support that we do. Contact us today to see how Recasens can help your company stand apart from the competition.

Leading OEMs Worldwide Trust Recasens to Provide Competitive Advantage, Design Options and Value

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In its 40 years of business, Globe Canvas Products has seen and played quite a role in the evolution of the awning industry. When it was looking for a way to differentiate itself and its dealers from the myriad of ‘me-too’ players in the US awning market, Recasens offered just the thing to make them stand out from the crowd.

Globe Canvas Products is one of hundreds of companies around the world who have turned to Recasens to provide a clear competitive advantage in the awning and marine industries. With a wide range of fashion-forward fabrics, all meticulously manufactured for long-term wear and outstanding functionality, there’s no denying the quality of the product line, but Recasens offers so much more. Companies like Globe quickly learned that the customer service and marketing support offered by the company was of equally high quality. Read their case study to learn why Globe has not only added Recasens to their line of products, but made it their official house brand and see how Recasens has continued to support the Globe Canvas sales process.

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Special Offers for New Customers!

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Have you been considering switching to RECacril, but are afraid to invest? New customers to RECacril are invited to try one of our discontinued colors or patterns at a significant discount. Now is the time to see what you’ve been missing and enjoy a substantial discount on approximately 40 discontinued colors and patterns available for immediate delivery.

More patterns are available, but quantities are limited. Contact Doug for a link to see swatches of the available discontinued styles, or your local Recasens distributor for more information today to take advantage of this limited time offer.

Why RECwater is the Top Choice of Marine Fabricators

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Recasens fabrics have been a favorite of awning and marine fabricators around the world for over a century and it’s no secret why. Family owned and operated, our commitment to innovation and quality has never waivered, which is why we continue to lead the industry in creating superior performance fabrics. Our RECwater line is a perfect example of how our expert craftsmanship and quality outpace the competition time and again.

Heavier, More Stable Fabric

We start by using a slightly smaller 20s 2-ply yarn and packing those yarns into a very tight weave to produce a commercial weight 9 oz. per square yard RECacril as the base fabric of RECwater. This gives the fabric a firmer hand, fewer pin holes, better overall coverage, and better natural dimensional stability. Our competitors use an 8 oz. per square yard fabric that is typical of what’s used for casual furniture construction, which is less durable and stable.

A More Durable Vinyl Coating

RECwater Is Blade Over Roller Coated. In this process, molten liquid vinyl is poured over the RECacril fabric and then drawn off to an even coating using a blade. The vinyl is then cured and heat set in a finishing range. This process allows the vinyl to soak into the fabric producing an exceptionally strong bond and adding dimensional stability, allowing it to hold its shape better as a finished product. Most of our competitors use a process called Calender Coating where a vinyl film is bonded to the fabric using heat and pressure applied with a roller. Since the coating sits on top of the fabric, the vinyl can crack or peel away over time, especially when flexed or bent.

Vertically Integrated Quality Control

At Recasens, we make the yarn, weave and coat the fabric all in house, so we have complete control over the quality of our fabric from beginning to end. Plus, by being vertically integrated, we can offer RECwater at a better value than our competitors who must source materials and complete these stages of manufacturing at different locations, losing control over the process and adding cost at each step.

Because Recasens is a family operation committed to quality and innovation, we are able to deliver the superior product on which you’ve come to rely at an exceptional value. No other product can compare to RECwater when it comes to its combination of beauty, durability and manageability. Contact us, or your RECwater distributor, today to learn more.

How Using Our RECacril Sample Books Will Help You Sell More Awnings

How Using Our RECacril Sample Books Will Help You Sell More Awnings

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Our new RECacril Sample Books and 60” Sample Cards are designed to help your customers better visualize their projects so you can sell more product with increased effectiveness and efficiency. Our new sample books are significantly larger than our past books and contain swatches that are much larger than those provided by many of our competitors, but that’s not all. We put a lot of thought into the design of our new sample book to create a true sales tool from cover to cover, including:

  • A premium quality experience that begins with the very cover of the book crafted in the image of RECacril fabric.This gives your customers a close-up look at the fine texture of RECacril from the very moment you hand them the sample book.
  • Creating a sales tool that keeps pace with today’s design trends.Stripe repeaters are bigger in today’s patterns so a larger sample book is a needed to accommodate the full pattern. These larger samples make it easier for fabricators and customers to visualize the pattern and repeat making them more comfortable with making a final decision.
  • An easier sales and design experience.Our new sample books are organized by color families to save you and your customers time when making decisions on color and fabric choices. All fabrics are also shown in a picture of the pattern in an awning format to making visualizing the final product easier for the customer.

RECacril offers the largest stripe sample in the US market, all of which are available to preview in this sample book. Additionally, every single fabric you see in the book is stocked in the U.S. and ready for immediate shipment. For more information on RECacril or to get your Sample Book, contact us or your Recasens distributor today.