• Tradition

    Over the years our extensive knowledge of materials, manufacturing, and markets has grown and evolved over time, but through 6 generations, our family business has always maintained our core values offrugality, hard work, and dedication to quality. These values have transcended the goal of achieving economic gain and define our reputation as a company and family.

  • Innovation

    We are constantly working on developing new fabrics. The Sales and Marketing Departments along with R&D continuously analyzes market trends and customer requirements to improve existing fabrics and create new fabrics for our customers, offering innovative and value-added solutions.

  • Commitment

    Our company missions of outstanding customer service, strong customer relationships, technical expertise, and exceptional quality haveled our company to adopt quality management systems and invest in new equipment to help ensure these goals are met and value is added for the long term.

  • Service

    We are focused on personal relationships based on trust and mutual respect. With a clear commitment to listen to the needs of our customers we strive to create customer satisfaction by providing cost competitive and quality solutions.



A few days ago, the new swatch RECASENS USA for the 2016 season was presented.


This month, RECASENS USA has been back at the 2016 Marine Fabricators Conference held in Clearwater, FL, meeting point of business strategies for maximizing profit to design concepts and canvas innovations for marine applications.


Last week, from 7th to 9th of October, held another edition of IFAI Expo 2015 in Anaheim, CA convention center, where RECASENS USA had the chance to show their new fabrics and the whole marketing tools designed for the 2016 season.