The origin of the awnings

As an expert, Recasens wants to dedicate a post about the origin of awnings.

The awnings were born for the first time in the coliseum of Rome, in Roman times. In these times, extended a type of folding awning called "velar". 
They made it with the same type of canvas as the sail of the ships, and then it was replaced by a lighter material: the linen. 
The "velar" opened and closed with a network structure of ropes, so, as you can see, already in ancient Rome there was a tradition and a technology behind the use of awnings.

Later, the first modern awning that is known was seen at the Universal Exhibition in Paris in 1889. 
It was the Fabre company that created the first awning with arm, installing them in shops of the French capital, and, little by little, became popular.
This awning model corresponds to what we know it today. Its use was intended for employees to protect them from the sun and to diminish the  temperatures inside.

As for Spain, it did not arrive until 1936, when an employee of the Catalan company Estape S.A., Canut García, imported them after a visit in Paris and saw clearly an opportunity.
The story tells that he took a coffee during a hot afternoon, and he loved the utility of the awning that allowed him to sit outside without the inconveniences of the sun's rays.

The idea spread in more cities of France and Spain, and in a few years, began to be used in other European countries, as in Italy, Germany or Portugal and the rest of the world.

Over the years the technique and quality have been perfected, to the point making seamless awnings, something unimaginable not so long ago.

Factory Recasens

RECASENS – Committed to excellence

Recasens, a family owned company established in 1886, has a proud heritage of producing textiles of superior quality. Over the centuries, the Recasens family has continued to lead the company and guide its growth with expansion projects and machinery investments.

Although some of the historic original buildings are still in use, the latest generation of modern textile weaving equipment and technology has been installed inside in order to provide our customers with outdoor fabrics of the highest quality, and offered at an exceptional value.

In 2016 alone, Recasens has invested over $10 million USD to increase our capacity and further enhance our quality. Some of these capital investments include:

  1. A new spinning line was installed in the yarn mill, increasing our production capacity and quality of the solution dyed acrylic yarn.
  2. Additional space and looms were added to our finishing plant. The state of the art Dornier looms are the latest generation, designed and equipped with customized technology for S.A. Recasens, increasing our capacity to over one million square meters per month of Acrylic fabrics.
    spinning line
  3. Acquisition of two new logistic and shipping facilities with a total of over 250,000 square feet of space, which enables us to prepare and quickly ship any of the 570 different fabrics we currently offer.
  4. An expansion and complete update of the Inspection and Packaging Departments. 
  5. A complete remodel of the R+D and Quality Control Department including added space, and additional testing equipment and staff.
    quality control department

All of these investments have only one goal: to provide superior customer satisfaction through premium product quality and outstanding service. We at Recasens are proud of the fabrics we produce and the service we provide, and are committed to offering our customers the very best.