The RECwater canvases are made of solution-dyed acrylic fibers with PVC coating on one side, which makes it absolutely waterproof. The PVC coating is colored to match  with the color of the acrylic, thus, it is possible to combine the elegance of the acrylic fabric with PVC waterproof performance.

The PVC coating is formulated to achieve a perfect adhesion with the acrylic fabric. Unlike other products on the market, RECwater does not crack or roll and has an excellent dimensional stability.

The PVC-free face is treated to achieve good water and oil repellency, while the coated side is engraved with a design that gives the fabric a PVC appearance.

Being a heavier product and more resistant than RECacril®, makes it particularly suitable for boats that frequent areas with extreme weather conditions.

It is also suitable for awnings in rainy climates. In this case the weight of the article should be taken into consideration when choosing hardware.

The RECwater canvases follow a rigorous quality control throughout the manufacturing process, meeting all requirements for obtaining approval of the UNE-EN 13561:2004+A1:2009 (Performance requirements including awnings security).

Antimicrobial Treatment

Rot causing microorganisms, such as molds, algae and bacteria can damage acrylic coated canvases.

To prevent the occurrence of these microorganisms and ensure the quality of our fabrics, RECwater canvases are treated with antimicrobial products that offer optimal protection.

Antimicrobials products prevent microorganisms to adhere to the fabric, however, these microorganisms may grow on dirt and other foreign substances if not removed from the fabric. To maximize the lifetime of the RECwater canvases is essential to carry out periodic cleaning as described in the Maintenance section.