RECsystem Marine


RECsystem Marine canvases are the natural evolution of RECacril® canvases, designed to achieve superior waterproofing, giving water columns over 1000 mm. Besides the Infinity Process, these canvases are coated on one side with high-tech resins. This coating provides the canvas with optimal resistance to water penetration.

The special coating formulation and implementation process studied, provides RECsystem Marine canvases with an exceptional resistance to wrinkling that inevitably occurs during the manufacturing process. Moreover, unlike other articles in the market, the coated side of the RECsystem Marine canvas does not shine or have a whitish appearance.

RECsystem Marine canvases perfectly resist the particular conditions of marine environments.

RECsystem Marine offered in 60" wide with a wide range of plain colors ideal for use on boat covers.

The RECsystem Marine canvases follow a rigorous quality control throughout the manufacturing process, meeting all requirements for obtaining approval of the UNE-EN 13561:2004+A1:2009 (Performance requirements including awnings security).

Antimicrobial Treatment

Rot causing microorganisms, such as molds, algae and bacteria can damage acrylic coated canvases.

To prevent the occurrence of these microorganisms and ensure the quality of our fabrics, RECsystem Marine canvases are treated with antimicrobial products that offer optimal protection.

Antimicrobials products prevent microorganisms to adhere to the fabric, however, these microorganisms may grow on dirt and other foreign substances if not removed from the fabric. To maximize the lifetime of the RECsystem Marine canvases is essential to carry out periodic cleaning as described in the Maintenance section.