RECacril® Decorline Marine


RECacril® Decorline Marine fabrics are made of the same solution-dyed acrylic fibers used for making our RECacril® canvas, having the same resistance to sunlight and weather.

RECacril® Decorline Marine fabrics collection have exceptional resistance to fading by sun and salt water, being suitable for making cushions, interior and exterior upholstery used on boats. The color palette from this range of fabrics, blends perfectly with the RECacril® Marine canvas, renowned in the industry and widely used in Biminis, covers, etc.

Most traditional textiles used for exterior decoration show wear after short periods of outdoor exposure. Color fading, strength loss caused by rot, fiber degradation or sunlight are the most common symptoms appearing on these fabrics.

RECacril® Decorline Marine fabrics collection solves these problems as they are manufactured with the same solution-dyed acrylic fiber used for many years in RECacril® canvases.

All these advantages, with the colorful range and easy cleaning, make the RECacril® Decorline Marine fabrics collection, suitable for upholstery of exterior furniture such as chairs, lounges, cushions, sunshades, etc.