Nautiplus canvas is a fabric made of high tenacity polyester PVC coated on both sides and engraved on one side.

Nautiplus is a 100% waterproof fabric with excellent dimensional stability and weldable. Perfectly resists rot, mildew and fading sunlight under normal atmospheric conditions.

Nautiplus is specially designed for all marine exterior covers, hoods, Biminis and winter covers.

PVC Technical characteristics

PVC is a high-strength material with low thermal conductivity, economic, and also recyclable. That's there as on why PVC canvases have become a widely used material in many fields of application. PVC tarps are used in Textile Architecture, truck covers, covers for pools or ponds, awnings and in all other applications requiring waterproof, high tensile resistance and durability.

Technological advances in the fabric development, allow to have high strength and flexibility, but with a weight-to-surface ratio lower than other materials.

RECASENS PVC Technical fabrics, are studied and proven products, having excellent weather resistance, holding for a long time, both its mechanical properties and its color. They are also highly resistant to mold.

RECASENS PVC canvases have excellent weldability and are easily printable.