RECscreen® fabrics are technical fabrics designed to control solar radiation, made of PVC coated polyester yarns.

RECscreen® is the perfect solution for a wide range of indoor and outdoor curtains, awnings and shading elements.

The RECscreen® fabric is designed to:

  • Filter sunlight, reducing glare effect.
  • Increase privacy, allowing outward visibility.
  • Energy-saving, reducing air conditioning consumption.
  • Avoid fading of interior decorative fabrics (upholstery, carpets, etc.).

RECscreen® fabric effect on the transmitted solar radiation depends on:

  • Fabric mesh weight, defined by its Opening Factor (OF).
  • Fabric thickness.
  • Fabric color.


RECscreen 5000 P

Screen fabric made of thick yarns with Panama weave (mat 2/2). It has a medium-high openness factor (5.5%), which provides a good visual comfort while allowing an adequate outside view. It is a product specially designed to use in curtains and large spaces. Its open structure and weight fits perfectly. It is suitable for any application without tensions, both indoors and outdoors.